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Pop-up Toaster

Pop-up Toaster


The BakeMax® Pop-up Toaster provides uniform toasting of bread, waffles, most Texas toasts and English muffins.

Pop-up ToasterMore Details

• Four 1-1/8” regular toast slot.
• Easily replaceable industrial heating plates.
• Electronic browning controls and carriage control lift levers.
• All stainless steel construction.
• Front removable crumb tray.
• Produce 150-180 slices of toast per hour.
• Available in 220V and 110V.
Other specifications:
• 150-180 Slices/Hr.

Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder


The BakeMax® Meat Grinder is intended for heavy duty work in commercial food processing applications. Its designed for easy maintenance and conforms to all safety standards.

Meat GrinderMore Details

• Strict compliance with hygiene standards.
• Reliable under the most demanding conditions.
• Energy-efficient motor and precision gear drive.
• Compact size, no sharp corners or seams.
• Attractive design suitable for any kitchen or supermarket.
• Forward and reverse switch.
• Designed for easy maintenance and conforms to all safety standards.
• Standard accessories: SS Cutter, SS 6mm Plate, SS Pan, Funnel, Stuffer.