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Vacuum Packing Machines

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Countertop Vacuum Packaging Machine

Countertop Vacuum Packaging Machine


The BakeMax® Countertop Vacuum Packaging Machine has easy to use touch pad controls, 10 programmable settings, and a high density transparent lid.

Countertop Vacuum Packaging MachineMore Details

• Stainless steel construction.
• High density transparent lid.
• Easy to use touch control pad.
• Add gases such as Oxygen or CO2 into your sealed products.
• Program up to 10 different product settings for easy and quick use.
• Great for portion control.
• Keeps your product fresh.
Other specifications:
• Chamber size: 17.3” x 16.5” x 3”
• Double sealing bar: 15.75” x 0.4”
• Pump size: 20M 3/h
• Cycle time: 10-125 seconds