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Pop-up Toaster

Pop-up Toaster


The BakeMax® Pop-up Toaster provides uniform toasting of bread, waffles, most Texas toasts and English muffins.

Pop-up ToasterMore Details

• Four 1-1/8” regular toast slot.
• Easily replaceable industrial heating plates.
• Electronic browning controls and carriage control lift levers.
• All stainless steel construction.
• Front removable crumb tray.
• Produce 150-180 slices of toast per hour.
• Available in 220V and 110V.
Other specifications:
• 150-180 Slices/Hr.

Conveyor Toaster

Conveyor Toaster


The BakeMax® Conveyor Toaster is great for toast, bagels, English muffins, and much more. All models feature speed control, front or rear discharge, top heat only or top and bottom heat, and adjustable feet.

Conveyor ToasterMore Details

• Attractive stainless steel design.
• Power saving mode.
• Front or rear discharge.
• Speed control.
• Top heat for heating top of subs or use top and bottom
heat for toast, bagels, etc.
Other specifications:
• Adjustable feet.
• Removable crumb tray.
• 3” Clearance.