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EuroSmart Convection Oven 8


The BakeMax® EuroSmart Convection Oven is an attractive and easy to operate oven. Great for baking bread, sweet rolls, cakes, cookies, salty snacks, pizza, and pastries. This convection oven holds eight 18" x 26" pans.

• Thermal insulation.
• Fast heating.
• Easy maintenance.
• Door has modern design, assembled without visible rivets, knob does not have visible set screw, and door knob can be opened with ¼ turn.
• Rubber trim seals glass, preventing heat and steam loss.
• Chamber has all four rounded corners with solid seams.
• Steam system in the form of a fan, with adjustable timing, consisting of immediate
Other Specifications:
• Motor: ¼ HP
• Pre-heating time: 10 minutes
• Number of pans: 8
• Baking tray size: 18” x 26”