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Dough Dividers

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Semi Automatic Bun Divider

Semi Automatic Bun Divider

The BakeMax Semi Automatic Bun Divider divides and rounds dough with very little manual labor. Easy adjustment for different dough weight.

Semi Automatic Bun DividerMore Details

- Divide and round dough with ease.
- Permanent lubrication to protect transmission.
- Machine head can be tilted for easy cleaning of knives.
- Easy adjustment for different dough weight.
Other specifications:
- Available in Single and 3 Phase.
- Minimum maintenance required.

Continuous Dough Divider

Continuous Dough Divider


The BakeMax® Countertop Continuous Dough Divider divides dough fast and efficiently. Comes with 33lb dough hopper and power outfeed belt.

Continuous Dough DividerMore Details

• Fast and efficient
• Comes with 33lb dough hopper and power outfeed belt
• Easily cleaned within minutes
• Countertop design
• Great for Bakery and Pizza operations
• Can be used in conjunction with the BakeMax® Continuous Dough Ball Rounder

Other specifications:
• Scale oz to oz from 1.058oz to 17.63oz
• 1000 large units/hr
• 1300 medium units/hr
• 1800 small units/

Hydraulic Dough Divider

Hydraulic Dough Divider


 The BakeMax® Hydraulic Dough Divider features ergonomic controls, single lever control, pressure plate and stainless steel knives. Body constructed on stabilized cast iron with a reinforced chassis on four casters.

Hydraulic Dough DividerMore Details

• Dough piece weight: 5 oz to 28 oz.
• Heavy duty steel frame.
• Ergonomic Controls.
• Single lever controls pressure plate and knives.
• Reinforced chassis on four casters.
• Two locking casters.
• High quality stainless steel blades.
• Lid Guard.
• Simple to operate and virtually maintenance free.
• The round chamber minimizes pressure on dough, combining performance, speed and work comfort.
Other specifications:
• NEMA: L15-20P

Dough Divider Rounder combo

Dough Divider Rounder combo



The BakeMax® Dough Divider Rounder Combo can divide dough from approx. 50 to 650 gram portions and round the divided dough into the perfectly sized dough ball each time.

Dough Divider Rounder comboMore Details

- Works automatically
- It works continuously without interruption as long as there is dough inside of the machine
- Safety precaution stops the machine immediately when the upper or the front doors are opened
- Complete stainless steel construction
- Knife and sensor in non-stick stainless steel
- Chute automatically brings dough from the divider into the dough rounder
- Divider Scaling range approx;
BMDD003: 50 to 300 grams (1.7 - 10.58 oz)
BMDD005: 300 to 650 grams (10.58 - 22.9 oz)
Rounding range approx;
BMDBR03: 50 – 1200 grams (3.1 - 42 oz)
- The patented adjustable cone leads to more accuracy in the weight and less loss of time
- Very compact and extremely strong
Additional Features:
- Scaling cone available for BMDD005 which allows for maximum scaling range capacity of 50 - 650 grams (1.7 - 22.9 oz)