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Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder


The BakeMax® Meat Grinder is intended for heavy duty work in commercial food processing applications. Its designed for easy maintenance and conforms to all safety standards.

Meat GrinderMore Details

• Strict compliance with hygiene standards.
• Reliable under the most demanding conditions.
• Energy-efficient motor and precision gear drive.
• Compact size, no sharp corners or seams.
• Attractive design suitable for any kitchen or supermarket.
• Forward and reverse switch.
• Designed for easy maintenance and conforms to all safety standards.
• Standard accessories: SS Cutter, SS 6mm Plate, SS Pan, Funnel, Stuffer.

Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer


The BakeMax® Meat Slicing Machine is belt driven, fast, ultra quiet, high power, professional quality, and fully anodized. Both durable and robust, the BakeMax® Meat Slicer is ideal for precise volume cutting of cooked and cold meats.

Meat SlicerMore Details

• Precisely cuts salami, meats, hard cheeses, and firm vegetables to the thickness you select.
• Adjustable from 0.008” to 0.59” (BMMSM01) or 0.008” to 0.63” (BMMSM05) slice thickness.
• Durable and robust, ideal for volume slicing of cooked and cold meat.
• Designed for safety, convenience and perfect performance!
Other specifications:
• (BMMSM01)Blade Dia: 10”.
• (BMMSM05)Blade Dia: 12”.

Bread Mill Machine

Bread Mill Machine


Make your breadcrumbs easily with the BakeMax® Bread Mill Machine. Produce up to 175 lbs (80kg) of product per hour with this easy to maintaine stainless steel BakeMax® machine.

Bread Mill MachineMore Details

• Up to 175lb/hour production (80kg).
• Stainless steel or white epoxy paint finish.
• High performance.
• Easy maintenance.
Other specifications:
• Plug ‘N Go electrical for easy installation.