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Conveyor Pizza Oven

Conveyor Pizza Oven


The BakeMax® Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven is great for pizza, toasted subs, cookies and much more.

Conveyor Pizza OvenMore Details

• Front control panel makes for easy to operation.
• Adjustable digital cook time and temperature control.
• Conveyor belt has variable speed control.
• Separate top and bottom heat controls.
• Temperature ranges from 0°F - 932°F.
• Conveyor Speed is adjustable from 1 minute to 30 minutes.
Other specifications:
• Belt Size: 19”w x 57”D
• 3” opening from conveyor belt

Universal Conveyor Oven

Universal Conveyor Oven


The BakeMax® Conveyor Oven is good for baking all types of products such as pizzas and cookies. Also great for toasting subs, bagels, sandwiches and much more.

Universal Conveyor OvenMore Details

•Variable speed stainless steel conveyor belt.
•Quartz sheathed heaters (2 above, 2 below conveyor) regulated by separate controls.
•Bakes up to sixteen 12” or twelve 14” pizzas per hour.
•Fast start-up.
•Conveyor speed control on top and bottom heat control enable different
•Menu items can be cooked in the same oven to offer superior flexibility.
•TouchSafe™ with its burn proof design prevents accidental burns during operation.
•Opening clearance: 3”.