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Bread Slicers

Gravity Feed Bread Slicer


The BakeMax® Gravity Feed Bread Slicer is a perfect fit for all your soft crust slicing needs. This machine features high quality slicing blades, last loaf pusher, bagging scoop and is available in several different slice thicknesses ranging from 7/16" to 1".

• Offer customers sliced bread to increase your bread sales.
• Attractive countertop design.
• Gravity feed chute holds multiple loaves.
• Last loaf pusher keeps hands clear from cutting blades.
• Bagging scoop bags bread with ease.
• High quality premium blades.
• Six slice thicknesses available.
• Compact design uses little countertop surface.
Other specifications:
• Plug N’ Go™ electrical for easy installation.
Slice Thicknesses Available
• BMGF001-1 – 7/16”
• BMGF001-2 – ½”
• BMGF001-3 – 9/16”
• BMGF001-4 – 5/8”
• BMGF001-5 – ¾”
• BMGF001-6 – 1”